Customer Comments from our Literature Modules:

“This was great…one of the best teaching formats I have experienced!” 

“I loved having my score as soon as I submitted it. I also liked that I could come back to complete the questions at a later time. The note feature and pin for review were very helpful.”

“This was much better than the PSAP. I really liked the review of clinical trials especially, and not just primary literature”

“Love it!!”

“This product is outstanding and I have recommended it to many of my colleagues”

“This was FANTASTIC!! I really enjoyed the readings and they were very up-to-date. I enjoyed the platform of answering questions and it allowed me to come and go. With a busy pharmacy position, I may not have time to sit and answer all questions. I am glad it saves answers as we go.”

“Keep them coming. These are great for BCPS recert. I like how you incorporated recent consensus guides to obtain CE.”

Customer Comments from our Review and Recertification Course:

“All of the supplemental information about managing asthma patients, discussing immunizations, action plans, and cultural competency was very helpful.”

“It was so helpful following a patient through each disease state. It was very realistic and something that I may encounter in my practice.”

“This was a very practical overview for people who have little to no experience with HIV patients. This was excellent. He simplified the information and explained it very well.”

“I really liked being able to apply the concepts immediately after she discussed the material. All of the information was presented in a very easy to learn and practical way.”

“There were lots of examples and an actual study was analyzed for non-inferiority and other concepts. It stretched the lecture but it made it very easy to understand and enjoy.”

“The speaker presented a very thorough foundation of statistical analysis that learners can apply to future studies.”

“The best overview of research design and statistical analysis EVER!”

“For recertification, this was an excellent refresher–very systematic and logical approach. Thank you!”

“Thank you for talking about which references are most helpful and thank you for the one page reference tables. I will definitely be using your material to study for the BCPS exam! You made a topic that I was confused about seem learnable. Thank you, thank you, thank you!”

“Excellent active learning activity and contact with the audience. It was easy to see you clearly understood your subject and taught it well.”


“Outstanding delivery – you held my attention even at the end of a very long day. The subject matter was taught very well and I appreciate how you differentiated your clinical judgment from what the guidelines recommend.”

“The speaker did a great job of explaining the challenges in how to interpret the literature (e.g. distinguishing between HCAP and CAP) and how to apply those challenges to practice. Great job!”