Why Choose ASHP

Looking for a new, more practical approach to Review and Recertification?

In response to member requests for more practice based and contemporary products for specialty certification review and recertification, ASHP launched our Specialty Certification products and courses.

So, what makes ours so much better?

ASHP is the leading continuing pharmacy education provider in the country, and our products were developed by premier content experts and faculty. Our complex case-based, interactive approach goes against the didactic learning norm, and engages the attendee in a way that is sure to have a meaningful and lasting impact on their practice.

For Preparation

Our Review Course was designed for the high-level practitioner who is looking for a more practical approach. We are not a therapeutics lecture on a single disease state. We set up simulated circumstances that you may encounter in your daily practice.

Participants follow “patients” in real-life scenarios from initial presentation, medical history, risk factors, and complications throughout their treatments and outcomes. Participants learn as they apply various treatment options based on national standards and guidelines. Strong emphasis is placed on the thought processes needed to solve patient care problems in each therapeutic area. As patient cases are discussed, faculty members are there to present the best answer to questions that illustrate key concepts.

Highlights of the ASHP review course include:

  • Interesting, application-based review course approach using complex, case-based interactive learning for high level practitioners and specialists
  • Content is presented by nationally recognized pharmacy faculty
  • Includes regulatory and population health issues, and are not covered in other review courses (which account for 15-20% of the BPS exams)
  • Every topic area contains public health and patient advocacy information
  • Complete coverage needed to confidently prepare for the exam in only 2 days! Saving you time away from work and home, and drastically reducing travel expenses

What we are NOT

A therapeutics lecture on a single disease state and an entire week away from work and family.

For Recertification

ASHP has adopted a 3-pronged approach to support practitioner’s recertification requirements while simultaneously meeting their need for continuous professional development:

  • Recertification Course for the practitioner looking for a refresh in national standards and guidelines
  • Literature Modules for the practitioner who needs to stay current with the most recent articles and literature
  • Intensive Studies for the practitioner who wants interactive discussions and debates on emerging issues and hot topics

Feedback we received while developing these programs was that the market was dominated by unpopular recertification products that were outdated and cumbersome to complete. Our approach offers practitioners more contemporary options based on their current needs while simultaneously allowing them to fill the knowledge gaps they may find in their everyday practice.