ASHP has launched a whole new line of educational offerings, review course and Core Therapeutic Modules, to help you prepare for a Board of Pharmacy Specialties (BPS) Examination. Once you have attained those certification letters behind your name, return to ASHP for your recertification education needs.

Ambulatory Care CertificationAmbulatory Care Certification

The review course is offered as a two day course or online in a case based format to help you prepare for the BPS specialty examination. Once certified, timely recertification activities are offered live and online for your convenience. Learn More


Ambulatory Care CertificationPharmacotherapy Certification

A case based, two day course and online review course is offered for you to customize your learning needs as you prepare for the BPS specialty examination. Our recertification program offers a three pronged, interesting approach that is cutting edge and practical. Learn More


Ambulatory Care CertificationOncology Certification

The three-day course is designed to help oncology pharmacy practitioners prepare for the BPS examination. A variety of educational activities are offered to meet your recertification needs. Learn More


Ambulatory Care CertificationCore Therapeutic Modules

This collection of on-demand, web-based activities has been developed to help practitioners prepare for a BPS examination and can also be used as part of a staff development program. Select activities from the library of modules to customize your own self-study program. Learn More